Steve Kaufman - Sculptures
Steve Kaufman loved to expand his art by working with different mediums. He would paint on cars, motorcycles, walls, wine bottles, mugs, sculptures and dishes. He even created stained glass works.

Steve's uncle was a sculptor, and as a little boy, Steve would watch him work. Steve Kaufman would eventually paint on everything as long as it wasn't moving.  His mind was always moving.  He never lost his passion because he was always thinking of new ways to express himself.

That is what kept Steve Kaufman so loved and popular.  He was so passionate about art, and he was always re-inventing himself.


Steve Kaufman created this soft sculpture shoe that is made from his actual Dollar Sign painting canvases. It is 13 inches high, 9 inches long and 5 inches wide. The shoe has a top that comes off and it is a jewelry box.  It is signed on the heel.
This Coca-Cola sculpture by Steve Kaufman is made of resin and painted with oils. Steve Kaufman rarely did sculptures, so this edition is rare. This sculpture measures 23.5 inches high and 7 inches wide. My Coke bottle shows the size comparison.
       This is a limited edition of 200, and it is signed and numbered. A scuplture from the same edition is on display at the World of Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.
This Steve Kaufman sculpture below is made of ceramic, and painted with oils. One side of the can has Tomato Soup and the other side has Chicken Noodle. I placed a real soup can alongside to show the size comparison.  This sculpture is 6 inches high and 6 inches wide


Never pre-owned. All paintings came directly from Steve Kaufman's hands to ours. All Art Purchases Will Be Entered Into the OFFICIAL STEVE KAUFMAN (SAK) CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ®